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Apple - iMacs & Macbooks

On-Site and Workshop Service!

If you've got problems with your iMac, MacBook Pro or Air, our experienced techs can help with all Mac repairs & support.

  • The dreaded "grey screen of death" or the "spinning beach ball"
  • Starting really slowly or not starting at all
  • Replace broken or damaged Macbook & iMac screens and keyboards
  • Replace failing hard drives or solid state drives or upgrade drives to larger capacity
  • Removal of viruses, malware and adware - yes, Macs do get viruses
  • Data transfer from old to new Macs or from Macs to PCs or visa versa
  • Data backups and security options for Macs
  • Hardware upgrades (e.g. extra RAM (memory)) and OS upgrades
  • Integration with other Apple and PC computers and tablets
  • Networks including printers, scanners and file sharing
  • Advice on system and network configuration
  • Software upgrades and fix problems with programs such as Microsoft Office and Mail, etc.
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