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Custom Built Computers

Are you looking for a new desktop computer? Can we help? That depends on what you are looking for:

If you are looking for something a bit different – a high spec’d workstation, a high-end games machines, large capacity file and storage servers, high speed application servers for a large number of users, or a host machine to run Microsoft Server 2016 - then we can definitely help. Give us a call and we can:

  • Analyse your requirements and suggest a design that is suitable for your needs and budget
  • Match the Central Processing Unit (CPU) to the ideal motherboard for that CPU
  • Design a hard drive system that works for you:
    1. Single hard drive – either SATA or Solid State (SSD)
    2. Multiple hard drives – one operating system (SATA/SSD), one data (SATA)
    3. Multiple hard drives set up in a RAID 1 array
  • Supply up to 32GB of Random Access Memory (RAM)
  • Build in high end video cards for blazing fast graphics
  • Design around cases that keep noise to a minimum but allow for maximum airflow
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