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Servicing Darwin, Palmerston and Rural

Phone: 0419-013-002

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Desktops and All-In-Ones

Both On-Site and Workshop Service!

Our technicians can fix all kinds of computer problems and help with PC repairs, fast - either at our workshop or onsite at your home or office. Including:

  • Replacement of failing hardware including hard drives, power supplies, fans, etc.
  • NBN, WiFi, ADSL setup and problem solving
  • Hardware upgrades such as RAM, high end video and sound cards, etc.
  • Removal of viruses, malware and adware
  • The dreaded "blue screen of death"
  • Remote access to your computers, files and documents from anywhere and integration with your phone and tablets
  • Setup of home and business networks to enable sharing of files, printers and scanners, etc.
  • Advice on system and network configuration
  • Configuration of back-ups, both local and remote, to protect your files
  • Problems with software such as MYOB, Reckon (Quickbooks), Office, Auskey, etc.
  • Setup of new equipment, including data (file) transfer
  • Home or business systems