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RH Panel

And Lots More...


We fix, repair and service all major makes and models of laptops and notebooks. We also replace screens

Internet & E-mail

Internet slow? Keeps dropping out? The Internet in Darwin is often tricky, but we have the experience to fix it and get you up and running


Viruses, malware and those annoying little pop-ups can be both irritating and dangerous. We have the expertise and specialised equipment to fix them - fast!

Custom Built Computers

If you need something a bit different - A Server, an Application server, a Killer Games Machine, etc. We will design & build a unit to suit your needs and your budget

Desktop Computers

Having problems with your desktop or all-in-one computer? Hardware or software, we'll find the problem and fix it fast!

iMacs & Macbooks

iMac or Macbook not working properly? We are experts in support, repairs and fixing all models and can even replace screens

Wi-Fi Problems

Reliable Wi-Fi is essential for laptops, tablets and smart phones to work properly. We are experts at locating and fixing Wi-Fi problems!

Network Problems

Is your home or business network just not working? Can't connect to printers, scanners or share files? Our techs will fix it and get it up and running for you in no time!

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