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Viruses, Malware and Adware

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Viruses and malware can really ruin your day, infecting computers, accessing private information, corrupting data, spamming your contacts, logging your keystrokes, or locking your computer and demanding money to unlock it.

ComputersNT can get rid of:

  • Virus - Inserts itself into and damages other programs
  • Worm - Spreads to other computers on your network and beyond
  • Trojan - Looks like legitmate software that tricks you into giving it access to your computer
  • Adware - Downloads and displays unwanted advertisments
  • Spyware - Collects your private information - passwords, bank accounts details, etc. - and passes them on
  • Rogue Security Software - Tricks users into believing there is a virus on their computer and paying for a removal tool which may itself be dangerous
  • Hijacker - Redirects your browser, homepage or search engine to malicious sites
  • Obviously, the best defence is not to get infected in the first place and we can help with that, too!