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Wi-Fi, Smart Phones & Tablets

On-Site and Workshop Service!

ComputersNT technicians can fix with all your Wi-Fi problems, including:

  • Setup of new Wi-Fi equipment, including NBN/ADSL/Modem/Wi-Fi/Routers
  • If you're having signal strength problems around you home or premises
  • Problems connecting to your router or wireless access point (WAP), booster or extender
  • Low or non-existent Wi-Fi signals in remote areas or over long distances
  • Problems connecting you smartphone or table to the Internet - Apple, Android and Windows
  • If you are worried about Wi-Fi security or want to lock out certain users
  • Even when you are connected to your Wi-Fi the Internet is very slow or "flakey"
  • Having problems connecting your TV, X-Box, smart phone, entertainment center, Network Attached Storage (NAS), etc.
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